Blast off

BlastWilliston’s unofficial/official July 4 celebration traditionally takes place downtown the following Saturday.

There’s no fireworks but there is a downtown fair-like event with games for kids, flea markets and food.

I headed out on a tight deadline before I had to judge a ribfest competition (hard work, I know).

I found a few interesting spots with a lot of kids so I focused most of my energy there.

One spot was the Beat the Bucket game where one person threw balls at a target and the other had to dodge the water dumped from a bucket once the target was hit. The other was a giant inflatable bubble pool.

I fairly satisfied with my bottom two images considering my tight deadline, but I when I went to grab the name of guy on the bottom, he was gone. Stupid move on my part.

So I went back to the Beat the Bucket and hung around a few minutes when a group of kids pulled up and started playing. The 6-year-old in the top photo didn’t even move when the target was hit and she wasn’t a huge fan of what followed, but did go back for another round later.

© Jerry Burnes/Williston Herald


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