Nap time

1IMG_8947Sometimes I see some really interesting things.

This is among those now.

On Saturday before Miss North Dakota I was in the office designing the Sunday paper when I noticed two guys lying on the ground outside, across the street from our office, square in downtown Williston.

Intrigued I ventured outside with a camera as a passer-by called the police and ambulance. After a good hour wait they finally arrived, confirmed our suspicions the two gentlemen were passed out drunk and took one of them in.

I stuck around in case they were angry drunks and took a swing at the cop. That didn’t happen though.

Just another day in oil country.

© 2013 Jerry Burnes


One thought on “Nap time

  1. Love this. HA LOVE IT. Jerry thanks for the follow. I love your work. I am considering a second career and the thought of photojournalism makes me tingle. advice? thoughts?

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