Catching up: Band Day

BandDayNow that I’m not the only reporter in the Herald office I have some time to catch up.

Seems like every time I get into a groove on my blog, something comes along to derail my progress. This time was two reporters leaving the paper within a few weeks and nobody coming for another few weeks.

Now I’m over a month behind, at least. So to start catching up, we’ll start with Band Day, an annual parade in Williston that’s a big community event.

The big thing this year was the route being changed, reversed to be more accurate.

For being entitled Band Day I was a little disappointed, as were many locals, by the lack of bands and abundance of large oilfield trucks participating.

Regardless I camped out on Main Street outside the Herald office and captured some action. My favorite shot of the day coming when the Shriners circled the street in their mini cars tossing out candy.

Along for the ride, one their dogs was ready for some candy too.

© 2013 Jerry Burnes/Williston Herald


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