Home sweet (snowless) Dakota


After what seemed like half a dozen snow outs (yes, snow outs) baseball began in Williston.

Even better, they heeded the advice of hall of fame Cub Ernie Banks and played two.

I dropped in while I had a break in designing pages and shot about six innings between the two games.

Felt good shooting baseball again. The 70-degree weather probably helped some, too.

It is the first time in a while I haven’t shot with a 400mm, so that was something new and frustrating on some plays to the outfield. Shooting through a fence at times was also a sometimes-welcome/unwelcome facet of the game.

My favorite shot of the game actually came on accident (top photo).

I was shooting from behind home to get some better pitcher shots (bottom phot0) and accidentally set my leg on my 5D Mark II, which had the 24-70 on.

It fired off a few times and I ignored the photos, but really liked how the top photo came out when I was going back through shots on my laptop.

Note to self: “Screw up” more often.

© 2013 Jerry Burnes/Williston Herald


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