Mission accomplished


A week ago today I covered something new—a welcome home for a troop of soldiers that wrapped up their mission overseas in Afghanistan.

Having never covered anything like this I had some expectations of what to expect, emotion being one thing, of course.

About 400 people crowded into the Army Aviation Support Facility to await the arrival of the Williston-based unit and anticipation was very, very thick.

When the plane finally arrived from Fort Bliss, Texas all that anticipation was cut and the tears of joy were able to flow.

What a great event to be at. The families of these soldiers are often overlooked aspects of the wars and conflicts overseas so it was great to see them get (and the soldiers, too) be able to feel that type of positive emotion.

The return was bittersweet in a sense. Two soldiers from the unit were killed in the line of duty in December, which added more stress and worry to the families I spoke to last week. It had to be tough enough to have their loved ones in Afghanistan to begin with.

Hopefully these troops and their families enjoy the time home. Be sure to thank not only the soldiers for their service, but the families too.

© 2013 Jerry Burnes/Williston Herald


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