New camera, same old cold


Since last time I updated I was given a new beat to report, state and federal government, which has done a very good job of keeping me busy lately.

Aside from the blizzard things were relatively normal afterward. You know, cold and colder.

My bright spot came this week when I not only bought a tablet, but also a new camera, adding a Canon 5DMKII to the lineup. Naturally I had to take it for a spin this week.

Good week to get it too.

We had a rare concert in Williston, as well as a Mardi Gras celebration at the local catholic church—complete with kids and a bean bag toss among other things.

We had a rare 30+ degree day. Two of them. One gave me some wildlife to look at, which wasn’t too happy to have a camera pointed at it.

And as with most Friday nights in Williston, some drinks and pull tabs were had at the Moose. All going toward a good cause too.

I have some leftover photos from Bismarck and assignments this week to catch up on. Nothing particularly good or in great quantities, but better than nothing.

© 2013 Jerry Burnes/Williston Herald


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