Eviction Notice

This week I interviewed Russell “Ginger” and Verlee Snyder for a piece later in for the Williston Herald.

Ginger is a veteran of the Korean War and recently turned 83 years old. The couple have been residents of Williston since 1966 but moved to Bismarck this Friday.

The move isn’t the story but rather why. A bank in town is erecting a new building and hiring more employees and decided to get housing for their new employees. The building’s seller posted eviction notices on the residents’ doors in August and the bank at least let them take their time finding an affordable place.

The Snyders are among those current residents.

Because of inflation of rent prices the Snyders cannot afford to rent a place in Williston.

This is actually all too common in Williston. As Laverlee said, the older people of the city built Williston and are now being run out. Many can’t even find senior housing in town either.

Their neighbors are elderly, in the 80s, and one is a veteran who is currently in the hospital. His wife is still looking for a place to live once the eviction takes effect.

Sad story, really. I sometimes can’t believe what the money and lack of housing in the city force businesses to do. It’s amazing. Prices are to a point where you spend most of your paycheck to make it. I don’t know who to blame for it but hopefully someday soon it corrects itself and these situations don’t happen anymore.

You can read the printed story here.

 © 2012 Jerry Burnes/Williston Herald


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