I’m on a float

Homecoming at Williston High School is this week and took some time Wednesday to grab some shots of the classes putting their floats together.

I focused on the sophomore class this time around, mainly because it was the only location I knew exactly where to go to.

The theme is Time Warp and the Coyotes are playing the Dickinson High School Midgets Friday night (talk about a potentially offensive nickname).

I was never really too involved in homecoming stuff when I was in high school in Illinois but it all looked like a lot more fun now that I’m not in high school.

I’m not scheduled to do anything with the game Friday, but I may show up to see if Dickinson has a mascot and what that mascot is if the school has one.

I’m hoping it isn’t a second grader dressed up like an older man to represent a midget…

© 2012 Jerry Burnes/Williston Herald


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