Fort Instagram, North Dakota

One of the many perks of being out of grad school has been a fresh thought process and the time to experiment a bit more.

A few months ago I started really getting into Instagram again. I always had it downloaded but just never remembered to try it out or always viewed cell phone photos with a skepticism.

Things changed. So on the the North Dakota road trip I made sure to take out the iPhone here and there and snap off a few shots. I’m still trying to figure out my favorite filter but I quite enjoy how simple photos look all that more artsy through the app.

This will be the post essentially wrapping up my road trip posts. It was a lot of fun, as was some Instagram/iPhone photography. Will have to take it out to Chicago sometime soon now that I’m back in Illinois.

It’s been quite nice having what I’m doing in the moment and time on my mind, rather than thinking constantly about school while shooting.

That said, hopefully this will be one of many Instagram photo blogs I can work into on here.

© 2012 Jerry Burnes


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