Road Trip Days 3-4: Richardton, North Dakota

After Bismarck we headed a bit more west to the small town of Richardton, with a population of just over 500 people.

I’ll admit I was skeptical about what a small North Dakota town would offer photo-wise, then I saw the scenery. I was told by a resident that when the trees aren’t completely full, you can see about eight miles across the flatland.

Along with the scenery I caught a few good breaks. First there was a small solar eclipse that was somewhat visible in Richardton. I grabbed about three usable photos but I like this one the most. We came across the Mayer family in town that had a sheet of shading glass to look through. Which is what I used to shoot through for the bottom picture.

The other break was a beautiful sunset and blue skies with some great clouds floating around.

If you’re confused by the candles, we stopped at the Assumption Abbey in Richardton, which is a monastery for Catholic monks. The monks gave us permission to wander around the chapel area, which was beautiful as well. Anyways, the candles are lit for people who come in privately to pray for others. Happened to just be one lit when we were there.

Tomorrow we head up to Minot and, weather depending, Williston. So hopefully some oil boom photos will be coming soon.

© 2012 Jerry Burnes


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