Road Trip Day 2: North Dakota

After passing through Minnesota we hit North Dakota Saturday night.

For a while parts of Minnesota and North Dakota weren’t that different as far as the scenery went from parts of western Illinois. Then we got deeper and further from Fargo and came across some good spots.

I’ve noticed since going to Starved Rock in Illinois a few posts ago that I’ve been really interested in getting some scenic shots. Part of it is because North Dakota and nature shots are new to me, the other might be the girlfriend wanting to hang some self-made photos in an apartment when we move.

Either way North Dakota gave me some really scenic shots, especially as the sun changed and hit the flood lands on the side of I-94. The farmlands were beautiful with some rain clouds as well.

Then, of course, there’s the World’s Largest Buffalo in Jamestown. It weighs about 60 tons and is on a farm where the buffalo do actually roam.

Also saw what was a sacred albino buffalo, but unfortunately wasn’t close enough to get a photo of it.

So far though, loving North Dakota.

© 2012 Jerry Burnes


3 thoughts on “Road Trip Day 2: North Dakota

  1. Wow. I was amazed about that world’s largest buffalo!!! I love this kind of posts in which there are photos from “unknown” places and some surprises for watchers.

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