Barnum & Bandits’ Softball Circus Catch

Shot the Friday Night Lights game at Rosemont Stadium last night, hosted by the Chicago Bandits, between Marengo and Richards high schools.

Typically not a fan of shooting high school softball but in the first inning right fielder Reed Karstens gave me all I needed.

Karstens made a sliding attempt but the ball popped out of her glove. With patience not typically reserved for high school players she snagged with her bare hand while still on the ground.

I was surprised that only one shot of the sequence had to be nixed because it was too soft.

Because of the backgrounds at the stadium and Richards’ black uniforms had me a little overexposed once I had to move to the field, so some editing work had to be done.

Realized I could also get used to a team photographer gig. Was fun getting on the field and such before and after, while wandering pretty much anywhere I wanted during the game.

That’s the life.

© 2012 Jerry Burnes/Chicago Bandits


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