Day at the Museum

As we get closer to the fourth anniversary of the Feb. 14 Shootings at NIU I find myself visiting Cole Hall a lot more often.

The memorial being one reason and the reopening of Cole Hall being another.

Today was the official grand opening of Cole Hall and the opening of the new Anthropology Museum. As with all of the building, the museum was a huge upgrade from the old building. Well done on NIU’s part.

I found myself gravitating toward the Korean masks a lot. Same goes for the approximate 6-foot long alligator (or crocodile?) statue. They were definitely the most interesting things along with some paintings and other southeast Asia artifacts.

I was hoping I could catch someone getting up close to one of masks as a face-to-face-type shot but that didn’t prevail for me. Only time it happened the little kid doing it had his back mostly turned to me.

Very cool exhibit overall.

I’ve also been thinking a lot more about multimedia but unfortunately my shotgun microphone isn’t going to be here until Wednesday so I was a little limited. I ended up doing a little minute long tour video rather than deal with less-than-optimal audio during interviews.

The video is below. As I said, nothing spectacular but better than nothing.


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