On the off-beaten path

Every once in a while photographers are gifted with off-beat images from the events we cover. Some images are much better than others, as with the images we mean to capture.

But it is the off-beat moments that will help keep me going sometimes when a game isn’t very exciting or when I feel I’m not getting a lot of good shots.

These images can have some range of course, as in a gymnast that appears to have landed on her head (she didn’t) or a basketball player who looks as if a basketball popped out of his hind parts (it didn’t, of course).

Like I also said, some are better than others, which is the case in this post. Two pretty good off-beat images and three that I wasn’t completely amused by.

That says a lot for someone as easily amused as myself.

© 2012 Jerry Burnes/Northern Star


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