Best of 2011: News

This was a pretty depressing year as far as new photographs went in DeKalb. It was also a year of some variety.

I naturally (no pun intended) had the opportunity to shoot the Snowmageddon in early Februrary. Talk about a lot of photo opportunities.

That was followed by the three-year anniversary of the Feb. 14 Shootings at Northern Illinois University.

The third photo down was more recent, the shooting death of Steven Agee. The university had a memorial service for him in which the family, including his brother showed up to.

A few other things I had the chance to shoot was the one-year memorial to Antoinette ‘Toni’ Keller, who was murdered last October. My most interesting news of the year was also an event that came off my photo bucket list. A car trying to park at Johnny’s Charhouse jumped the curb and went right through the building. Oops!

In more bad news coming from DeKalb was the shooting of NIU football player Devon Butler, who missed the 2011 season due to the injuries.

Lastly was an event for Breast Cancer Awareness month, which was a laughing class. The point was to laugh, blow some bubbles and dance. Was interesting.

© 2011 Jerry Burnes/Northern Star


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