Heart-attack Huskies do it again

In the midst of the Big Ten Road Trip, the NIU Huskies were back on the field too and, wow, what a show Tuesday night turned out to be.

The Huskies control their own destiny in the Mid-American Conference. Win out and head back to Detroit for the MAC Championship game. Rival Ball State stood in the way Tuesday night on ESPN2.

NIU won the game with 0:08 left on the clock, hitting a field goal to go up 41-38. There were plenty of key moments in the game, including Willie Clark’s stretch for a first down on 3rd and long in the fourth.

Or Nathan Palmer’s touchdown off a screen pass to take a 35-31 lead in the fourth after starting the quarter down 31-14.

Not only was this game exciting, but the melee on the field afterward was too. This was the first game I’ve shot where the team I was shooting rushed the field in celebration, meaning I, in turn, rushed the field as well armed with a 50mm lens (the Star’s 24-70mm is not sharp at all).

Knowing the Cardinals and Huskies play for the Bronze Stalk Trophy I immediately looked for that and once I found it, followed it around. I came away with my favorite shot of the day when center Scott Wedige ran it over to the west side of Huskie Stadium to celebrate with those fans.

Hopefully next time I rush the field I don’t lose two back lens caps again…

© 2011 Jerry Burnes/Northern Star


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