Huskie Strong

Aside from baseball opening day, the first weekend of college football is the greatest time of the year, sports-wise this is.

NIU opened its 2011 season at home against Army. First season-opening home game since 2003. They trounced Army 49-26, giving up only six points through most of the third quarter.

A big thing in sports photos is significance. I missed the most significant play of the game because I just flat out reacted too late. Jimmie Ward came around the edge on the punt attempt and blocked the Army kick. It was returned for a touchdown.

That wasn’t it though. After the blocked punt, Ward lowered the boom with a devastating block on an Army defender. Missed that too.

Luckily I got the shot of Ward celebrating the touchdown and his massive block (punt and hit).

Overall it was an alright night behind the camera. Rain really dampened a lot of good photos but I still came away with a lot I was happy with.

I was especially happy with getting the shot of Akeem Daniels diving into the endzone. By far my favorite of the night.

I also got lucky as Jamal Womble’s 58-yard touchdown reception came right down my sideline. Although at one point I was certain him or a defender was going to get blocked right into me.

Never been hit by 200-plus pounds, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t feel that great.

© 2011 Jerry Burnes/Northern Star


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