Mascots, Donuts, Giant Gloves and Hunger Strikes

If the post title didn’t say enough…Friday was an interesting day for me.

I’ve been with the Chicago Bandits professional softball team as a public relations intern for a couple weeks now and Friday was the 73rd Annual Salvation Army Donut Day. The Bandits sent our mascot, Outlaw and centerfielder Caitlin Lever to help raise funds to wipe out hunger in Chicago. Also to get more text votes for Outlaw to win the top Chicago mascot vote.

So there I am at the Thompson Center with Outlaw, Lever, and mascots from the White Sox, Sky and Fire. As writer and photographer for the event, I wasn’t real sure what to do. Do I take “PR” pics or do I tackle it like a news assignment.

I voted for tackling both ends. I’m posting here my favorite non-posed photos. Believe it or not, the first photo isn’t posed, that was Lever’s dance move at the time. Think I’ll call it the Willie Mays.

Anyways, in complete irony, a guy show up at the corner of Randolph and Clark on a hunger strike for that day. Wish I could have grabbed a better photo but I wasn’t “newspaper” photographer that day.

Overall a fun day. All I can really say to describe it is—only in Chicago.

Below is a quick video from the day (Yes, Lever busts out the Dougie).

© 2011 Jerry Burnes


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