Hoop of a different color

I covered a show at the House Cafe on Saturday which featured some jam bands and rock/reggae/funk band called Machine Gun Moses (great name, by the way).

As with some shows at the House the hula-hoopers started their thing and a few of them had hoops that lit up. My eyes’ attraction to bright, colorful things forced me to grab a few shots. I turned the ISO way down, moved up to f/4 and turned the shutter to “bulb” so I could leave it open as long I wanted.

Lighting in the House isn’t great so I was disappointed that I could see the person in the final image. After posting this photo on Facebook it got some good reactions so I’m deciding now to share it a bit more.

Cool photo but not seeing the person still bugs me.

Say hello to my inner perfectionist.

© 2011 Jerry Burnes


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