The not-so-great eight

The losing streak for NIU men’s basketball hit eight straight games Wednesday night.

After scoring just 36 points for Unlucky No. 7, 12 at the half, Wednesday was a vast improvement.

The Huskies led by five at half and lost 64-58, as Central Michigan pulled away in the final minute.

Adding insult to injury? NIU’s top player Xavier Silas went down with an apparent ankle injury in the second half, scored just 10 points, and missed most of the second half with the injury.

I was kind of “off” this game. Didn’t get anything too great action-wise. Once Silas went down my attention turned there knowing it was going to be a story.

The top photo ran in Thursday’s Star and that was my stroke of luck. Normally I shoot on the baseline, which would have given me an odd angle at Silas and his face. Being the only photographer there this game I went up top and he turned right toward me.

Love the luck.

One more home game left next Wednesday. Hopefully I don’t get almost taken out like I did in the second photo when Michael Patton went for a loose ball.

© 2011 Jerry Burnes/Northern Star


28 thoughts on “The not-so-great eight

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  5. Zach Miller is a freshman coming to NIU next year. He’s about 5 foot 6 on a good day, but shoots lights out from behind the arc and sees the floor like no one I’ve ever met. Hopefully he can help turn this sinking ship around. If not, I’m sure someone his size on the court would make for a good story for you. Haha. Great photos, keep up the good work.

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