Don’t underestimate the Force

I posted earlier with photos from Wednesday’s NIU men’s basketball game. This game was interesting for me photo-wise because I didn’t a lot of great action.

I did, however, get an abnormal amount of amusing shots. This is by far my favorite.

A deflected rebound went back toward the face of DeMarcus Grady (2) who reacted and had the ball go straight up in the air as he tried to react again to grab it.

When I saw this frame all I could think of was Star Wars and the Force.

Hopefully with that in mind this photo will be as amusing to you as it is to me.

If not, maybe I’ve morphed into somewhat of a Star Wars nerd.

That’d be a new one for me.

© 2011 Jerry Burnes


One thought on “Don’t underestimate the Force

  1. More fine action shots with crisp focus and detail. Your precision makes for pictures that are worth giving a detailed look. Wish you did dance photography, shooting at the peak of an arc is like capturing the moment the bat hits the ball. In any case, awesome work!

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