Snow blog like a snow blog

Photographers enjoy snow days just much as we did when we were 10 years old. Possibly more, in some cases.

So what happened when a blizzard dropped 18.7 inches of snow on DeKalb earlier this week? Naturally, I went outside to play, which I had plenty of time to do with classes canceled and an 11-day weekend ahead of me.

I started off getting out to campus before classes were canceled on Tuesday with the idea that people wouldn’t be out walking around if they didn’t have to be. I was right. Most students seemed miserable whether they were walking from class like Bernard King (top) or to the library like Paige Mewhirter and Brenna Wolf.

Others, such as freshman Monique Younger, waited for the bus inside the student center instead of braving the snow and wind.

Even the squirrels were scurrying for one final loot.

Once it hit, campus was dead and very, very few people were around to give me funny looks or as if I was getting paid a lot for walking around in a blizzard taking pictures. Those people stayed inside.

I guess they just don’t understand how much fun this was for a guy with a camera.

© 2011 Jerry Burnes/Northern Star


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