Best of 2010 – Random times call for random measures

Too few times do I go black and white with m photos. Too few times do I also take extremely random photos.

Put this on the list of things that need to change now that 2011 has rolled around.

Part of my random photo time was forced upon me when I rented a 10.5mm Fisheye lens (which was extremely sweet, by the way). On my random stops around the NIU campus I found the top shot at the Martin Luther King Commons with the Holmes Student Center in the background.

What was cool about the shot was the fact that my foot was actually resting on the base of the statue. Yes, the fisheye goes that wide on shots.

Next up is Winter Meadow Farms in Mundelein with the aisles empty of horses. I didn’t like the color shots I had of the barn. It just seemed like a perfect venue for some easy black and white shots.

When I got back to DeKalb for school this fall I spent a night wandering campus looking for some cool shots. I decided to practice long exposure which I don’t have a lot of experience in (dare I say exposure to?). The third shot is traffic coming down Lincoln Highway in DeKalb by the East Lagoon. I’ve always been a big fan of the long exposure light streaks.

No reason in particular, just am.

Lastly I have my current dwellings on John Street. We have a tree out in the front yard which displays its shadow on the front of the house each night thanks to the street lights and Tom and Jerry’s.

This was another fisheye experiment. I always thought the tree gave the house a haunted look at night and the fisheye view only reinforced that angle (at least to me). Once I put it in black and white, I was even happier with my creepy house shot.

© 2010 Jerry Burnes


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