Photos of the Year – Part 1

As I was going through my images from the past year to find my favorites, I realized there was a lot to cheer about in 2010—at least from what I photographed.

Most of that cheering came from the sports end, but happiness is happiness. So the first installment of my favorite photos from 2010 will celebrate the year that was for my fellow sports fans.  And what a year it was (minus the Cubs).

The Blackhawks went through the Stanley Cup Playoffs for a second season and eventually won the Stanley Cup. Meanwhile the NIU Huskies rolled to an 11-3 record and a bowl victory.

Good year.

The first two images you see are from the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Round 2 versus the Vancouver Canucks. The Hawks won the game and sent some young fans into a frenzy. What I love about the image is the intense celebration accompanied by the other kid looking shocked at the crowd noise. I still wish the older guy didn’t get in the way of the third kid (darn!).

Photo No. 2 came after the Hawks put the game on ice. I like the silhouetted fans waving the playoff towels. I typically don’t look for silhouettes in my photos so this is a unique image in my collection. I tend to complain about the lack of ice in the photo, but it still does a good job of telling the story for me.

Continuing with the Blackhawks, I covered a story on some superstitious Hawks fans at Quigley’s Pub in Symerton, IL. These fans wore the same clothes, sat in the same seats and so on through the entire playoffs. Two superfans, Bones Rink (front) and Ray Nugent (back) were two of three superstitious ones. I went over to Quigley’s for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals, which the Hawks took a 2-0 series lead in. The shot is of Rink celebrating the final seconds of Chicago’s 4-2 victory. What I love about this photo is easy—the pure emotion. The elation of watching your favorite team inch closer to kissing the Stanley Cup.

Hard to beat that.

Finally, the last image is from the NIU Blackout night versus rival Toledo in November. A win and the Huskies clinched the MAC West. The crowd was nearly 20,000 and rowdy. Loudest I’ve heard it since 2005, the last time NIU won the MAC West. This set of fans turned out to be my favorites from the game. Not only the painted chests but the Huskie head hats. Just an awesome display of fandom.

© 2010 Jerry Burnes


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