Mowed down in Motown

I’ve never photographed a game that was so back and forth, and emotionally draining, at the same time.

NIU made its first Mid-American Championship Game since 2005 and second in school history, looking to win the conference for the first time since 1983. The Huskies faced Miami (OH) and the flashbacks of 2005 were all there.

Miami took and early lead but NIU grabbed a 7-6 lead on the next drive. Without going into the entire game, the Huskies led 21-20 with just a few minutes left in the game.

For some background, in 2005 the Huskies lost to Akron on a last minute hail mary. Well, this year they had the RedHawks backed down to a 4th and 20 in the final minutes. Miami’s passed was tipped by NIU linebacker Tyrone Clark and the ball went straight into the air. Can you guess what happened?

Caught by the RedHawks—first down. Next play, NIU blitzes and leaves a receiver wide open—touchdown Miami, 26-21 lead that the RedHawks didn’t give up. Another heartbreaking loss.

I’ve seen my beloved Cubs lose many games in many strange and heartbreaking ways, and NIU seems to follow the same trend.

I wonder if the Huskies are cursed too…?

© 2010 Jerry Burnes/Northern Star


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