Legendary son

I always feel weird when I’m excited about an assignment and nobody else seems to know why.

Well, that was this past Wednesday night when one of my favorite, but lesser known, country artists, Shooter Jennings was at Otto’s Nightclub in DeKalb.

Shooter is the son of country legend Waylan Jennings for those unfamiliar with his work.

Anyways, the other previous shows I’ve been to at Otto’s had terrible lighting. So bad to the point where the slightest movement caused motion blur. Thankfully not the case at Otto’s on this night where the front stage lights were on for most of the time.

With what I was given I was able to shoot at ISO 3200 with a shutter as slow as 1/200, which really helped black out the bar stage setting that the faster shutter revealed.

For the first concert I had ever shot, I’m not complaining about the results at all. Now I wait until November 19 when I get to test my hand at a big concert, Miranda Lambert and Eric Church at the NIU Convocation Center.

Until then, here’s some more from Shooter Jennings on my website.

© 2010 Jerry Burnes


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