Bump, set, spike…click

It was very weird to think that last Thursday’s volleyball match at NIU was the first volleyball game I’ve ever shot.

Well, first organized, non-mud volleyball game (still need to get those photos off the work servers, by the way).

The Huskies are much better than the amateur Wilmingtonians at volleyball. They’re faster, they hit harder and that made it doubly more frustrating for me behind the lens. It took at least two sets for me to settle into the action and the fast pace. Normally I’m settled in a lot quicker.

First time difficulties aside volleyball is a tough sport to shoot in general. Thankfully the lighting at Victor E. Court is pretty superb or else I would probably would have trashed just about everything.

On a better note, NIU won and continued to win over the weekend, with only two losses so far on the season. Sadly, the Northern Star was still the only media at the game, minus the photographer for the athletic department.

It’ll be a few weeks before I get to test my hand at volleyball again. I do get back to familiar ground this Saturday at the NIU football game versus Temple but not before a Shooter Jennings show Wednesday at Otto’s.

For more of the volleyball photos, go check out my website. Stay tuned for Shooter Jennings and NIU football shots.

© 2010 Jerry Burnes


2 thoughts on “Bump, set, spike…click

  1. Nice photos, Jerry! Huskie volleyball and Huskie football are two of the hottest teams in the region. Good to hear that you’ll be at the Shooter Jennings show. Great support for the DeKalb music and entertainment scene.


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