Featuring the feature

One of the weakest part of photography for new photographers is the feature photo. How do you take a picture that tells the story, or highlights what the story is about?

I had my fair share of trouble with feature photos when I first started at the Free Press but I soon came around to one major thing when taking a feature photo—simplicity.

When I tried to get too complicated, I was more likely to fail at what I was attempting and often times came back with something usable but not something telling or anything I was proud of running in the paper.

So as I grew as a photographer I learned that sometimes the simplest of ideas could be the most telling or be the most effective.

I think the three samples above are just that: kids looking into a 1957 Chevy Bel Air at a local car show, a Canadian man who travels to NASCAR races in the United States in his “mobile memorial” to fallen drivers, and small town smoke shop owner who came under fire (no pun intended) for selling air-soft guns to a 16-year-old.

All simple and all worked perfectly with the story, or in the case of the car show, a stand alone.

I have a few more feature photos posted on my website, as well.

© 2010 Jerry Burnes/Free Press Newspapers


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