Old Beginnings

I entitled this the way I did because the point I am at in my life is an old beginning—a new start in an old situation.

In May 2009 I graduated from Northern Illinois and after a year of not finding full-time work, I went to grad school at NIU.

For this post I chose my favorite spot in DeKalb, the campus’s East Lagoon, which just happens to be right outside my back door now. It’s a very scenic spot, arguably the most scenic on campus.

If you get past the fact that Lincoln Highway is about 50 yards from it, its a pretty peaceful spot as well.

The first photo is of Lincoln Highway on a 10-second exposure setting to get the light streaks. The second is of the student center and Altgeld Hall (the castle) from the lagoon’s bench. It was kind of a windy day which made it hard to fully capture the buildings’ reflections off the water as I had intended.

What I like the most about the lagoon is that it was always a quiet spot that me and Jen would just go hang out at and talk for a night when she went to NIU too. I think that emotional connection is one reason I always find myself back there with or without her.

It was nice to finally have the time to go snap a few shots of the area. Since moving back I’ve been meaning to do so but just haven’t. These things happen I guess.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the scenery. I have few more shot posted on my website as well.

© 2010 Jerry Burnes


One thought on “Old Beginnings

  1. I find it interesting that in our lives we do not take time to do things that will add value and make our lives simpler and more fun. Reading this has challenged me to go back to those places that meant something to me earlier in life and just rediscover the joy and simplicity of those days. thanks

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