Slidin’ Dirty

Lame attempt at the rap song “Ridin’ Dirty” I know, but worth a shot.

One of my favorite parts of baseball are the plays at the plate. Maybe its all the drama and what’s at stake; or maybe it’s just because I used to be a catcher and that was the best action we’d usually get in a game.

This was a 10-run thumping that Wilmington handed Somonauk in which the ending (OK, the middle to the end) got really testy. The Somonauk coach was out arguing every call, all game it seemed (I missed the first 2 1/2 innings to shoot some of the softball game).

Gist of the story is Wilmington turned on the bats after leading only 3-2 when I got there. Somonauk got frustrated and this close play at the plate  didn’t help.

Wildcat Cort Scheel easily made it home and under the tag; and was called safe. He didn’t seem very happy the catcher was there and laid down a hard tag. The catcher didn’t seem happy another run came in and the coach wasn’t very happy he was called safe.

Enough said yet?

Basically the game ended after five with one Somonauk player getting ejected for not sliding or avoiding a tag at home. Wilmington catcher expressed his discontent with the non-slide by slapping a tag on the chest.

As I said, testy game. Wish it lasted longer to see what more could have happened.

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