A Picture is Worth Every Championship

Football 2

I promised more football pictures and I always deliver.

The Wildcats of Wilmington clinched their ninth Interstate Eight Conference title last Friday in Plano, defeating the then 6-1 Plano Reapers 49-22.

So in honor of title No. 9, here are nine photos from the night.

Don’t let that score fool you, the first team left early in the third up 49-8.

Plano made a big mistake before the week started by making a video claiming the now 8-0 Wildcats weren’t ready for some football. Wilmington got a hold of the video, including Jeremy Bailey (top photo) who came in a little more pumped up than normal. He was zoned in, pacing outside the locker room prior to warmups, scary sight for Plano.

The game was really the Cort Scheel and Bailey Show, the two backs mainly featured in this round of photos. The second photo is of the team rushing onto the field.

Justin Gruca runs for a nice gain on the opening kick. He took a pretty good lick at the end of the run too.

The fourth is of Bailey breaking off a big run. He amassed 125 yards on just nine carries with three touchdowns.

Coach Jeff Reents dicusses a few missed defensive assignments with Kyle Adermann (left) and Andy Crutchfield (right).

The next photo is of Scheel running away with his only rushing TD of the game, it was 83 yards. He had 98 yards on five carries, one kick return TD and one fumble recovery TD.

Bailey was at it again in the next photo when he got loose for a 50-yard touchdown run to end the first half. He broke three tackles and was met with a hug from Reents as the score was 35-8 at that point.

Then there’s the champs. Nine times in the I-8 under Reents, two in-a-row.

I think this team is as good as advertised now, but only time will tell.

© Free Press Newspapers/Jerry Burnes


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