Wildcat Football (Part 1)


Since August I’ve been meaning to post some of my football photos on here. Obviously, I haven’t.

So I took some CDs to the office today and burned what I didn’t have at home. Between shooting lulls I’ll post some more, here is the first batch of what I liked.

For those who have never been to a Wilmington High School game, it’s quite an experience, for high school football that is. It’s a Wildcat tradition to run out of the woods and onto the field prior to the game. Against Westmont, some of the residents decided to start the fan tunnel, which usually extends past the 50, with their Harley Davidsons.

The next two pictures can serve as metaphors for Wilmington’s season. They’ve crushed every team so far, 7-0, with a 37-8 win being the lowest margin of victory. The ‘Cats have two wins of 56-7 and 55-7, outscoring opponents 326-62. The second picture is of linebacker Jake Hazelton hammering the Westmont QB while Jeremy Bailey runs over a Lisle defender.

In the fifth picture Bailey (only a Jr. by the way) is on defense, sacking and forcing a fumble from the Lisle QB on an option play.

The next two pics come from the game last weekend versus Seneca. There was so much rain, even with a rain coat for me and the camera, everything was wet. Wilmington celebrates a victory, while Cort Scheel runs through a Seneca cornerback.

Wildcat QB Colin Webb is a borderline Division 1-A recruit and at 6’1″ 210 he has the size. Here, against rival Reed-Custer, he just got done lowering his shoulder on a cornerback and plowing through a couple other defenders for the score. The cornerback stayed down for a few more minutes (he’s the one on all fours).

The last picture is Scheel again, breaking loose for a touchdown. I like this picture the most because of the block wide receiver Richard Heintz is throwing down on the right end of the frame to free the long run.

I’ll keep posting these at random during lulls. Hopefully weekly as the games go so I don’t end up stockpiled again.

Let me know what you think.

© 2009 Free Press Newspapers/Jerry Burnes


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